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We represented a homeowner who was very unhappy with their contractor.  The contractor had billed them over $20,000 for poor work that did not follow the specification of the job.  We contacted the contractor and advised him that they were going to sue, offering a small percentage of the bill to settle the account.   The contractor walked away and did not pursue any of the amounts he had billed.  Our clients were happy that the matter was favorably resolved and they used the money to remedy the prior contractor’s mistakes.


We represented a contractor who had done a large commercial job and the general contractor refused to pay.  After a demand letter and several communications with the general contractor, we were able to secure payment for our client, saving his company from financial ruin due to the non-payment of this account.

Disclaimer: These descriptions represent brief summaries of actual cases handled by our firm.  However, each case is unique and the success described in these cases may not mean that your case or another similar case will result in a similar outcome.

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