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We represented a man who had purchased a new two-ton truck for his auto transport business.  The front axle failed on the truck and no parts were available because the defect was common and a new design for the front axle had not been approved.   We pursued a claim under Wyoming’s Lemon Law and forced the manufacturer to take the truck back, refund the full purchase price minus an amount for use of the truck, and pay part of the attorney’s fees incurred by our client.  With the money he received, our client was able to buy and bigger and better truck and expand his business.


We represented a company that bought a diesel truck from a local dealer.  After numerous problems with the truck where it had been out of service for several months, the company came to use for help.  We pursued a claim for return of the truck under the Lemon Law and were successful.  The manufacturer bought back the truck, refunded the purchase price minus a reasonable amount for use of the truck, and paid attorney’s fees for our client.


We negotiated a settlement for the owner of a camper who had experienced numerous problems with their camper during the warranty period and beyond.  As a travel trailer, the unit was not covered under the lemon law.  Therefore, we wrote letters to the manufacturer and demanded compensation for our client’s loss of use of the unit.  After several negotiations, our client received a nice settlement, including some money for his attorney’s fees, and he kept his camper.  He walked away satisfied knowing that he got some justice to remedy his bad experiences with this camper.


We represented a family which had purchased a new diesel truck from a local dealer.  They were meticulous about following the service recommendations of the manufacturer.  On one occasion, the dealer changed the motor oil and the technician did not tighten the oil drain plug. while traveling and towing their fifth wheel camper, the drain plug fell out and dumped out all the oil, ruining the truck’s engine.  After making a claim against the dealer (who denied wrongdoing) we went to arbitration and won their case.  Our client received fair compensation for their loss.

Disclaimer: These descriptions represent brief summaries of actual cases handled by our firm.  However, each case is unique and the success described in these cases may not mean that your case or another similar case will result in a similar outcome.

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